Remote Delivery For Top of the Sacred Mountain


Currently remote delivery is done using land transportation where it takes lots of time because of the long distance and the difficulty to travel by road. With the development of the current technology, this can be overcome by using intelligent transportation technologies.Here is a scenario in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka where such technology can be implemented effectively.

Located  in a beautiful area of the southern Hill Country, Adam’s Peak mountain  is 7,360 ft in height. It’s variously known as Adam’s Peak (the place  where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven), Sri  Pada (Sacred Footprint, left by the Buddha as he headed towards  paradise), or perhaps most poetically as Samanalakande (Butterfly  Mountain; where butterflies go to die). Legends attribute the huge  ‘footprint’ crowning the peak to St Thomas, the early apostle of India, or even Lord Shiva.

Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

So many pilgrimages climb this sacred  mountain during the season of climbing. The pilgrimage season begins on Poya day in December and runs until the Vesak festival in May.

Crowded pilgrimage season, photo by Lakshantha

I climbed this mountain myself a few months ago and it took me like 10 hours to climb to the top because there were so many pilgrimages climbing the mountain and the stairs were all packed.

Packed stairs for climbing up the mountain, photo by Lakshantha

The situation is like that all the time. Many monks and pilgrimages reside on top of this sacred mountain and worship. So the daily necessities for the people residing on top are brought from the feet of the mountain all the way to the top and it takes almost 10 hours to bring all that stuff up climbing all the stairs with the crowd. Sometimes in emergency situations where immediate medical suppliers are needed, it becomes a major issue due to the long transportation time from the foot of the mountain.

Drones can be used in this scenario where it will take very less time to transport food, daily needs , and the required medical suppliers when they are out of stock to the top of the mountain and it will be a great act of help to the monks and the pilgrimages who are residing on top of the mountain to receive their necessities on time.


Article by Lakshantha Dissanayake

Lakshantha is a student from Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) majoring in electronics and information engineering. He is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is an associate of Last 100 Miles and writes technical and developmental stories.

Remote Delivery For Top of the Sacred Mountain
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