Our Story

“Closing the Distance on the Last 100 Miles. “


Transportation is the bloodline of modern society. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will link cities in 65+ countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, creating $500 billion in infrastructure deals and connecting 63% of the world’s population. The initiative will bring prosperity to hundreds of millions. However, there will still be a half billion people people cut off from this progress in the next decade because they lack the necessary transportation connecting them to the modern world.

However, according to World Bank, 800 million people globally still lack access to goods and services. More than 500 million people bear the burden of an inaccessible or non-existent road network. 
Last 100 Miles is the first accelerator in the world dedicated to intelligent transportation solutions that will reach the half billion people with unmanned transportation infrastructure. The next decade will bring rapid development and social change; and by working with global startups and entrepreneurs interested in rising to the challenge, we will tap into the business opportunities presented by this growth in global trade.

The intelligent transportation solutions will revolutionize how goods are transported, spurring economic growth and bringing about meaningful social change, not only for millions around the globe but for the tech pioneers that dare to go the Last 100 Miles.

Emerging market opportunities require emerging technology solutions, and that’s where Last 100 Miles comes in. We are headquartered in Chongqing, China, central hub for motorcycles, low-cost electric cars, Information Technology and manufacturing, the building blocks of the next-generation transportation solutions that we are building to leapfrog logistical roadblocks and reach the half billion people.