Lakshantha Dissanayake

Lakshantha Dissanayake from Sri Lanka, is a student at Beihang University, Beijing, China majoring in Electronics and Information Engineering. He is currently in his bachelors and will complete his degree in 2018.Throughout the 3 year stay in China , he has learnt so much about the ecosystem in China and also adapted to the Chinese culture very well. He is very passionate about his major and he is a self-learner of machine learning and deep learning using python programming. He participated in the annual science and technology competition at Beihang University to present a cost effective device to monitor air quality at any location and was among the top 5 teams. Also he loves to share ideas and knowledge with people whenever its possible. He has completed several internships related with his major in his home country and had great experiences along the way. Currently his main focus is on cargo drone research where he is working as an intern at Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Shenzhen, China , trying to find ways to maximum the flight time since the current technology limits the flight time to a very short time.